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Shin'ichi Konomi

Last Update: February 2, 2019

"A change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points" (Alan Kay)


-- keynote talk at AWSSS (March 24, 2019, Fukuoka)

-- talk at the symposium on the connected ICT x Education x Society (February 5, 2019, Fukuoka)

-- keynote talk and workshop at gerontechnology symposium (Sep. 14, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

-- lecture for high school students at yumeNavi Live 2018 (Oct. 20, 2018 in Fukuoka)


Shin’ichi Konomi is a Professor and Director of Learning Analytics Center at the Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Kyoto University in 1996, and M.Eng. degree in Computer Science and Communication Engineering from Kyushu University. Before joining Kyushu University in 2017, he was an associate professor at the University of Tokyo, a senior research associate at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a postdoctoral research scientist at GMD (German National Research Centre for Information Technology with eight institutes in three different cities; since 2001 merged with Fraunhofer Society). He conducts research based on human-centric and data-centric approaches to develop novel computational environments that make people smarter and happier. He is a member of ACM, IEEE, IEICE, IPSJ, DBSJ, and GIS Association of Japan.

Alternative bio: Shin’ichi Konomi is a Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University. His research interests include pervasive computing, human-computer interaction, databases, learning analytics, and civic computing. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Kyoto University.

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略歴: 木實 新一 (このみ しんいち) 平成3年九州大学大学院工学研究科情報工学専攻修士課程修了。平成8年工学博士(京都大学)。以後、ドイツ国立情報処理研究所、コロラド大学、東京大学、九州大学にて、主としてデータベース、ユビキタスコンピューティング、ヒューマンインタフェース・インタラクション、ラーニングアナリティクス分野の研究に従事。現在九州大学基幹教育院教授・ラーニングアナリティクスセンター長。ACM,IEEE、情報処理学会、電子情報通信学会、日本データベース学会、地理情報システム学会各会員。

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Selected recent publications


Shin'ichi Konomi, Tomoyo Sasao, Simo Hosio, Kaoru Sezaki (2018). Using Ambient WiFi Signals to Find Occupied and Vacant Houses in Local Communities. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, Springer. (in press)

S. Hosio, J.Goncalves, N. van Berkel, S. Klakegg, S. Konomi, V. Kostakos (2018). Facilitating Collocated Crowdsourcing on Situated Displays. Human-Computer Interaction (in press)

Simo Johannes Hosio, Jaro Karppinen, Esa Pekka Takala, Jani Takatalo, Jorge Goncalves, Niels Van Berkel, Shinichi Konomi, Vassilis Kostakos (2018). Crowdsourcing treatments for low back pain. Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 2018

Atsushi Shimada, Yuta Taniguchi, Fumiya Okubo, Shinichi Konomi, Hiroaki Ogata (2018). Online Change Detection for Monitoring Individual Student Behavior via Clickstream Data on e-Book System. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK ’18), pp.446-450


Tomoyo Sasao, Shin’ichi Konomi, Vassilis Kostakos, Keisuke Kuribayashi, Jorge Goncalves (2017). Community Reminder: Participatory Contextual Reminder Environments for Local Communities. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 102, pp. 41-53, Elsevier, Amsterdam, June 2017.

Muneeba Raja, Anja Exler, Samuli Hemminki, Shin’ichi Konomi, Stephan Sigg, Sozo Inoue (2017). Towards geospatial emotional perception. Geoinformatica Journal, Springer, 2017. (in press)

Shin’ichi Konomi, Tomoyo Sasao, Simo Hosio, Kaoru Sezaki (2017). Exploring the Use of Ambient WiFi Signals to Find Vacant Houses. Proceedings of the 2017 European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI 2017), Malga, Spain, April 26-28, 2017, pp. 130-135. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg, 2017. [ Best Short Paper Award ]


Shin’ichi Konomi, George Roussos (Eds.) (2016). Enriching Urban Spaces with Ambient Computing, the Internet of Things, and Smart City Design. Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology (AHSAT) book series. IGI Global, Hershey, PA, 2016. 323 pages.

Available on

Tomoyo Sasao and Shin’ichi Konomi (2016). The Use of Historical Information to Support Civic Crowdsourcing. In: Norbert Streitz, Panos Markopoulos (Eds.) Distributed, Ambient, and Pervasive Interactions – Fourth International Conference, DAPI 2016, Held as Part of HCI Interational 2016, Toronto, Canada, July 17 – 22, 2016. pp.470-481. Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer. [ Best Paper Award ]

Samuli Hemminki, Keisuke Kuribayashi, Shin’ichi Konomi, Petteri Nurmi, Sasu Tarkoma (2016). Quantitative Evaluation of Public Spaces using Crowd Replication. Proceedings of the 24th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM SIGSPATIAL 2016), San Francisco, CA, October 31 – November 3, 2016. ACM Press, New York, 2016.

Kaoru Sezaki, Shin’ichi Konomi, Masaki Ito (2016). User Participatory Sensing for Disaster Detection and Mitigation. Journal of Disaster Research, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 207-216.


Tomoyo Sasao, Shin’ichi Konomi, Masatoshi Arikawa, Hideyuki Fujita (2015). Context Weaver: Awareness and Feedback in Networked Mobile Crowdsourcing Tools. The International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking, Special Issue on Crowdsourcing, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2015.

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Kyushu University

Social Computing (2nd Semester, 2018)

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Learning of Social Issues (2nd Semester, 2017, 2018)

Information Science (2nd Semester, 2017; 1st and 2nd Semesters , 2018)

Kikan-Education Seminar (Summer Quarter, 2017, 2018)

Programming Exercises (2nd Semester, 2017)

University of Tokyo

Urban Computing

Urban Analysis

Introduction to Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies

Virtual Spatial Information Systems

Professional Service

Research activities funded by external grants

Research and Development of Big Data Applications in the Education Fields (original title in Japanese), NICT Advanced Communication and Broadcasting Research and Development, 2014-2017 (2017-). (Managing Co-PI)

Research on Cloud Information Infrastructure for Supporting Teaching and Learning Using Educational Big Data (original title in Japanese), Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S), 2016-2020 (2017-). (Co-Investigator)

Urban Sensing Based on Model-Driven Extensions to Crowd Replication (original title in Japanese), Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), 2017-2019. (PI)

Constructing Living Trust Networks and Using Them to Share Local Information (original title in Japanese), Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C Special), 2017-2021. (PI)

Establishing Cost-Efficient Methods for Collecting, Storing, and Utilizing Distribution and States of Vacant Houses Using Open Source Tools, Model Project for Leading Countermeasure against Vacant Houses in the Context of the Projects for Maintaining and Promoting the Housing Market, etc. of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), 2016. (PI)

Establishing the Most Advanced Disaster Reduction Management System by Fusion of Real-time Disaster Simulation and Big Data Assimilation, Core research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST) of the Strategic Basic Research Programs, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), 2014-2019. (Co-Investigator)

Realization of Crowdsourcing Tools for Enhancing Safety in the Event of Crimes and Disasters Using Spatial Information (original title in Japanese), Collaborative Research Supported by SS Avenue, Inc., 2014. (PI)

Realization of Crowdsourcing Tools (Realization of High Quality Marketing), Collaborative Research Supported by SS Avenue, Inc., 2013. (PI)

Government-People Collaborative Cloud Systems for Crisis Management (original title in Japanese), Funds for Integrated Promotion of Social System Reform and Research and Development, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), 2011-2013. (Co-Investigator)

Pedestrian Social Computing Using Proximity Network-Based Context Derivation, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), 2009-2011. (PI)

Position held in academic societies

Committee Chair, IEICE SIG Human Probe, 2009-2010

Committee Member, IPSJ SIG Ubiquitous Computing, 2009-2010

Editorial activities

Founding Associate Editor, PACM Journal on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT), ACM Press, 2016-

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, IOS Press, 2013-

Review Editor, Frontiers in ICT and Psychology, 2014-

Guest Co-editor, Special Issue on Mobile and Situated Crowdsourcing, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Elsevier, 2016

Guest Co-editor, Special Issue on PerCom 2014, Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal, Elsevier, 2014

Guest Co-editor, Special Issue on Ubiquitous Computing in the Real World, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Journal, Springer, 2007

Program committee

C5 (program co-chair), PerCom (vice program co-chair), UbiComp, Pervasive, CHI (associate chair for WiP), HCII-DAPI, AmI, MUM, ICCE, WMUTE, CUMTEL, DIGITEL, SMART, Urb-IoT, iThings, PerMoby, CPSCom, ICT4AWE, FESAmI, CoSTA, PhyCS, MobiCASE, AxI, AITAmI, SIPC, ODBASE, MobiWIS, GPC, UIC, APCAP, AWSVCI, PALMS, DWDOT, DWDB, ...

Contact Information

Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University, 744, Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, JAPAN

konomi [at]

Public Key (PGP Fingerprint: 36E0 1387 2E28 66A3 7EF5 D3BB 3892 0439 171F 5242)


〒819-0395 福岡市西区元岡744 九州大学基幹教育院

konomi [at]

Public Key (PGP Fingerprint: 36E0 1387 2E28 66A3 7EF5 D3BB 3892 0439 171F 5242)